Top 10 Google Ad Agencies in Kolkata

Digital marketing strategies have taken businesses to soaring heights with a plethora of crucial targeting tools. One of these is advertising through Google. Of all the search engines that are there, we perhaps use Google most of the time. Whether we are looking for new clothes, a new house, a car, or even a pet – our first go-to location to search for it would nowadays be most probably Google. Digital marketing agencies have done a lot when it comes to building an online reach for businesses – SEO, website building, social media marketing, and much more. But nowadays, they are becoming Google ad agencies to leverage the power of advertising for their clients through Google. Are you on the lookout for the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata? You are then at the right place!

Why should you use Google ads for your online business?

Do you know why the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata are so important? It is because they can leverage all benefits that your business can get through the google ads. Here are some of the reasons why marketing your business through Google ads can be an amazing idea to increase reach and traffic.

  • Increase in customer base and leads: Google ads are a modern, tried, and tested tool to achieve great leads. When your business campaigns are working properly, google ads can make extremely targeted leads reach your website or another online platform that you may be using for your business. This is because it allows you to focus on exactly what your audiences are looking for so that you can keep refreshing your searches so that only your target audience is directed toward your business.
  • Flexibility as a marketing tool: It is a very flexible platform for online business marketing, and can be suited according to the size and scale of your business. You can easily use it to tailor campaigns according to your needs. For example, you can reach people based on location, the sort of device they are using, and what they are searching on (Eg. Google maps, Google Search, Youtube, etc.). You could also adjust your budget limits according to your needs with Google ads.
  • Rapid and clear result tracking: With Google ads, you can see the results of your campaigns very fast and in a straightforward way. This way you can make reports regarding how you should work from then on to make your business work more. It will give you all the information you require based on each of your campaigns. Some examples of this are the ads clicked, the keywords used by website visitors, and the cost of the clicks.
  • Market knowledge: Google ads will also help you to understand your customers much better. What they are expecting, what their browsing habits, the kind of devices they are searching with, and where they are located are some of this information.

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Top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata

Crawl First Technologies

Crawl First is a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata. It caters to businesses of all sizes. This includes small and medium-sized ventures. It also encompasses established commercial ventures. As a top-ranking company among the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata, it offers customized Google ad services to all its clients to drive effective and organic traffic to their websites. Website building, content marketing, and many other services make up their portfolio.

Brew My Idea

This is a company that helps businesses thrive online with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, in addition to Google ad marketing tools. They also assist their clients with social media management. SEO. Blog writing. And even branding. Their data-driven approach makes them one of the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata.


PromotEdge is one of the biggest names among digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. It is also thus among the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata. It offers customized and well-researched marketing strategies with the help of Google ads to help businesses reach their targeted audience and achieve organic commercial growth online.

Digital Googly

It is also a big name among digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. They have top-tier Google ads services for their customers. They follow a strategic and creative approach to tailor marketing strategies according to clients’ needs.

Marko and Brando

This agency too can make its name with the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata. They have 360-degree digital marketing solutions for clients. Google ad service is also included.


This company offers cutting-edge website designs and mobile application development services while also catering to Google ad strategies. They make feature-rich websites to grow their clients’ business organically. Their strategic services make them one of the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata.

Creators Sky

They are one of the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata for their more than 16 years of experience in the industry. They can cater to all needs for online marketing when it comes to businesses.

Transinfo Solutions

Their special area of work is Google and social media advertising. Their focused and expert approach to marketing makes them one of the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata. They have served clients from across industries. Their skilled work and strategic approach have helped them to create a diverse clientele.

Inovaticus Marketing Solutions

This is also one of the most experienced agencies among the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata. They have a lot of services among which Google ad marketing is a foremost one. Some other services they have include inbound marketing. SEO. Pay-per-click advertising. Content marketing and social media marketing.


This is again a popular digital marketing agency. It is also among the top 10 Google ad agencies in Kolkata. They drive high performance for their clients’ online business platforms through their cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. They are skilled in making Google and Facebook ads, graphic designs, website building, social media marketing, and much more.


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